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Mostly or Entirely Mythology

Born to speak all mirth and no matter.

I'm earthy, a bit of a loose cannon, eclectic, dyslexic, insatiably curious, definitely a free spirit, an evolutionary dead end, a realist, and I don't suffer fools gladly. After decades of roaming, I suddenly find myself in New England. The only thing I've found I can really depend on is that I've been wrong about almost everything.

As with a lot of things, all the really good stuff is 'Friends Only', but I'm always willing to add interesting new people.

Things I love: Fresh sheets, big pillows, sleep, books, words, learning, art museums, laughter, photography, architecture, cinnamon, vanilla candles, animals, trees, coffee, gerbera daisies, Neverwhere, lemon meringue pie, living in the country, frogsong, petit fours, Pho, curiosity, goi cuon, kimonos, Gregory Barsamian's sculptures, the 19th Century, coconut, big tote bags, dirty jokes, documentaries, Vermeer red, gingersnaps, the sounds of trains and church bells, pearls, the comforting ritual of making real tea, shuffling through autumn leaves, red shoes, foreign films, dogs, sunsets, shiny things, bookstores, sunflowers, crows, Shakespeare, contemporary art, the first strawberry of the season, thunder and lightning, rain, tall ships, statues, freshly-cut grass, skulls, wind chimes, the sea...

aberrant art, abnormal psychology, anglophilia, anthropology, anti-fur, antiquarian books, architecture, architourism, art deco, art history, art museums, authenticity, autodidacts, bhangra, bill viola, bluestockings, bollywood, bonfires, bookstores, buy nothing day, caffeine, censorship, chaos, cinematography, civility, consumer psychology, contemporary art, cookery, costuming, courtesans, crows, dale chihuly, dark humor, deadwood, deism, dirty jokes, documentary, dogs, doorways, dr. who, eavesdropping, eccentricity, edwardiana, eero saarinen, emma thompson, ephemera, epicure, ethnography, ethology, etiquette, fay jones, film, film trivia, filmographies, fish tacos, fluevogs, folklore, fossils, frank gehry, frank lloyd-wright, free speech, freethinking, gargoyles, gilded age, green papaya salad, gregory barsamian, hayao miyazaki, herbs, hermit, humane society, hyperrealist sculpture, imagination, installation art, introversion, jack finney, japanese culture, japanese films, jonathan borofsky, left-handed, lifelong learning, literacy, macro photography, masks, meditation, moderate politics, mosaics, mythology, neverwhere, old cookbooks, patisserie, patrick dougherty, people watching, photographing everything, picassiette, poetry, puppetry, queen victoria, rain, recipes, red shoes, regency england, renaissance, robert gober, ron mueck, royalty, russia, santiago calatrava, science fiction, screenwriting, sculpture, self-compassion, sherlock, shiny things, shokugan, simplicity, social history, social psychology, sociology, sociopathy, speculative fiction, spirituality, storyteller, street art, surrealism, tall ships, taoism, tea, tea ceremony, techno-thrillers, thomas jefferson, thunderstorms, time travel, trees, trivia, urban archaeology, vhemt, victoriana, vietnamese food, wabi sabi, wandering, weight training, william morris, william shakespeare, willy wonka, words, yasujiro ozu Валериан, zoetrope